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AgataSoft ShutDown Pro 3.2

AgataSoft ShutDown Pro is is an auto shut down timer program
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ShutDown Pro is designed to do exactly what its name says: shut down your computer. But there is more to it. This software has quite a number of features: for example, you can choose to shut down your computer at a certain hour, or after a certain period of time, or when the computer usage is low (which is often my case). In addition, the task can be set as recurrent, that is, you can choose certain hours or even days for your computer to automatically shut down. Hotkeys are also available if you want to shut down the computer by yourself, but more easily and faster, using to the feature “Quick shut down”.

Before shutting down your computer, “AgataSoft ShutDown Pro” also allows you to clear the computer of unnecessary files, such as temporary files, the Recycle Bin contents, the Internet Explorer cache and document access entries. When used on networks, ShutDown Pro can start or close a program at a specific time, forbid or permit shutdown of LAN computers, specify a password for a network shutdown or deny the user an Internet connection at certain periods of time.

The program runs in Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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  • It helps you set your computer to shut down under certain conditions
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